Poultry Insurance

Poultry farming is a delicate business. Cover your business from things out of your control like diseases, slaughter advise by vet e.t.c

This cover helps poultry farmers reduce their risks, allowing them to maintain their high standards.

The farmer is offered insurance against catastrophic loss of layers, broilers and kienyeji chickens.

This protection is against loss due to:

1. Death

    • Accidents
    • Lightening
    • Internal and external injury
    • Fire, windstorms and flooding
    • Snake bites, cats, dogs and wild animals
    • Illness and disease of terminal nature
    • Epidemics
    • Slaughter on advice by vet

2. Theft

3. Transit risks

  • What do you need to get cover?
    • Submit duly completed application form
    • Premium payment
    • Current veterinary and valuation report from local livestock officer
    • Filled proposal form
    • Submission of vaccination regime programme

    NB: Minimum number of birds covered is 10 birds and the minimum premium is 1,000/=. The birds must either be in either a cage system or open litter system.

  • What is the claim process under agriculture?
    • Completely filled claim form
    • Police abstract in the event of theft of livestock or poultry
    • Vet claim form in the event of poultry

How it works?

  1. 1.Choose an insurance for your needs
  2. 2.Fill in a simple form
  3. 3.Email us the form
  4. 4.We will get back to you
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