Golfers’ Insurance

Great Courses, Great Golf, Great Fun! Play the game the way it was meant to be played without much worry. We got you covered!

Golf is a popular sport and offers a range of health benefits. Play the sport with confidence knowing that you are covered against injuries that may occur in the field while playing golf.

  • Benefits

    The policy covers the insured during the sporting activity against:

    • Third-party – liabilities-bodily injury to third party and property damage.
    • Accidental bodily injury that may lead to loss of life or permanent disability
    • Liabilities incurred thereof and
    • Loss or damage to sporting equipment
      In case of golfing; the following will also be covered:
    • Covers medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental bodily injuries to the caddy or ball boys as a result of the insured playing or practicing
    • Charges and expenses the insured incurs after holing in one.
  • Who is eligible?

    Person above 18 years and below 75yrs

  • What do I need in the event of a claim?

    Notify us immediately and provide information regarding the loss (you can do this at any Co-op Bank branch countrywide or at the Co-op Bank Insurance Department at the Head Office)

  • Cover Options


    Max. limit for the cover

    Premium rate %


    Sporting Equipment Sportswear

    • 100,000
    • 1.25
    • 10,000
    • 1.25


    Personal Liability

    • 500,000
    • Free


    Personal Accident (Death Benefit

    Only) Golfer Caddy

    • 250,000
    • 0.75
    • 100,000
    • 0.75


    Medical Expenses Golfer Caddy

    • 100,000
    • 1
    • 20,000
    • 1


    Hole in One

    • 20,000
    • 1

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