Landlord’s Insurance

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This is an affordable comprehensive, tailor-made cover that enables landlords to benefit from several policies in a single package. Subject to the terms and conditions, the policy is offered upon the fact that the buildings are owned solely for rental purposes only.


This policy provides insurance coverage for the building against losses resulting from fire, lightning, earthquake, storm, floods, burglary, accidental impact to the building, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, escape of water from storage facilities, falling trees, riots and strikes, explosions from gas cylinders, impact from aircraft or other aerial devices.

Electrical Installations

This policy covers the following named electrical installations – CCTV /alarm systems, dishes e.g for DSTV and, water pumps and electric fences against all risks unless specifically excluded. This forms part of the sum insured but needs to be captured separately at the proposal stage.

Loss of Rental Income – Optional

The policy covers for loss of rental income to a maximum of 12 months following loss occasioned by the perils in (buildings) above.

Contents For Fully Furnished Rental Apartments /Homes – Optional

This policy provides cover against loss or damage to furniture, electronics and other contents as described in the schedule against losses in (buildings) above. In addition, this section also covers thefts occasioned by the tenants.

Mortgage Monthly Loan Installments – Optional

This policy covers loan repayment following an occurrence of an insured event that leads to total loss of rent for a period not exceeding three months subject. It is anticipated that within three months the adjustment report should have reached the company and a final position on the loss will be known. There are two options available:

  • With a time excess of 30 days
  • With a time excess of 60 days

Cover For Building Caretaker – Wiba Act 2007

This policy provides cover against legal liability to you as the employer under the Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA). The cover available is for:

  • Accidental death or bodily injury in the course of duty
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses

Third Parties Liabilities

This policy provides cover for legal liability that may arise from accidental bodily injury or damage to property in connection with the ownership of the building.

  • Eligibility

    You must be a property owner

  • Cover options
    • Buildings as well as electrical installations attached to it
    • Loss of rental income
    • Contents for fully furnished rental apartments or homes
    • Mortgage monthly loan payments
  • Features and benefits
    • Comprehensively covers building, income, contents, mortgage and employees
    • Deposit refund for tenants in the event of an insured peril rendering the building inhabitable
    • The fire brigade charges up to Kshs. 500,000/=
    • Cost of debris removal following a fire up to Kshs. 500,000/=
    • Cost of replacement of keys/replacement of locks up to Kshs. 5,000/= following a burglary or attempted theft
    • Legal liability to third parties for death, injury, or damage to their property arising out of ownership of property up to one million
    • Free Work Injury Benefits Acts insurance for the building one caretaker
      10% discount on premium for the landlord’s personal home insurance
      10% discount on contractors all
    • Risk/construction insurance for future developments
      10% cash back for prepaid premiums after three years if the first three years are without a claim.
  • Claims

    When reporting a claim, you should ensure to have the following in order

    • Report claim as soon as the client has informed you
    • Duly executed claim form
    • Police abstract
    • Receipts/ invoice for contents/installations claimed
  • Tips and advice
    • Always ensure the property is under your name
    • Always have your proof of ownership documents secured in a safe place

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